Notebooks 6 App issue with iOS 11 – Solution

I had been aware of the iOS 11 update which had become available recently. After delaying this by over a week, I decided to take the plunge and update my iPhone 6 plus. The process was uneventful and so I updated my iPad Pro as well. Yesterday, I was singing the praises of the iOS 11 to my wife, and suggested that she update this. But shortly after this, I needed to look for some personal information which I had saved in my Notebooks 6 App. To my dismay, I was met with a screen saying that it was no longer functioning in iOS 11 and needed to be updated by the developer of the App before it could be used.

I had a lot of personal information saved away in the App which I could no longer access – I started panicking. I immediately texted my wife to ask her not to update to iOS 11, as she also uses the Notebooks 6 App to store a lot of her important information. Unfortunately she replied that she had already done it, which was rather unusual for my wife as she normally leaves the updating of her devices until she has no choice but to update; was my fault for suggesting to her to update. Suddenly a sense of regret had set down on both of us for updating to iOS 11. But there must be a solution to our problem.

The screen below was the one iOS 11 showed me when I opened Notebooks 6. My heart sank when I saw this screen, as there was so much personal information stored in that App which I could no longer access. As the developer had made a new Notebooks App which needed to be purchased again, clearly they were no longer updating this App – so I had to find a way to retrieve all that information.

Message that Notebooks 6 does not work on iOS 11

I initially looked at the Notebooks 8 App developer’s website to see what solution they had. The problem is once you have updated to iOS 10 or 11, their simple solutions were no longer options. Their solutions for iOS 10 and 11 devices were complicated and required the purchase of iPhone backup retrieval programs, so would cost even more money – for a program I was only going to use this once. Hence I had to look for another way to do this, so I started to explore iTunes to see if they had a solution. And lo and behold, there was a free and safe solution built into iTunes – File sharing. Here I will run through the steps to get this done.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the computer with iTunes installed. I have the latest iTunes installed on my iMac.

Step 2: I backed up my iPhone onto the computer (not sure if this step is needed, but I had done this).

Step 3: Select the iPhone that you want to do File Sharing from. Select File sharing tab on left of screen.

Step 4: Select the App for File Sharing. Here I have selected Notebooks.

Step 5:  Select the Notebooks Documents to save. Here I chose the Notebooks folder.

Steps in iTunes to retrieve data. Select File Sharing. Select the App which you would like to save files from. Select the Files/Folder to save.

Step 6:  Click Save to and choose a folder on the computer to save to.

Click Save to save the selected Folder/files to the computer.

Step 7: Download the App you would like to save the files/Folder to. I chose Notebooks 8 as it should work with the files I have.

Notebooks 8 – compatible with iOS 11 – upgrade time

Step 8:  Next select the App you would like the Files/Folder saved eariler to be shared with. Here I selected the Notebooks 8 icon.

Step 9: Click the Add files icon to go to the screen for choosing the Files/Folder to add into this App.

Next choose the App you would like to save the Folder into. Here I chose Notebooks 8. Click Add file to choose the files to save into this App.

Step 10: Next choose the Notebooks folder you have saved previously. Click Add and the files will be transferred to the App on the iPhone.

I chose Notebooks I had saved earlier.

Step 11: The screen up top will show that the files are being copied onto the device. Once that is done, the files will be accessible from the new App. 

The files are then saved into the App. Once done it is ready to go.

So with these simple steps on iTunes I have managed to retrieve all my important personal information, and done the same for my wife’s iPhone. I have updated to the Notebooks 8 App at the cost of £6.99, but which brings many useful features and an App layout that I am familiar with. I did not need to spend any more, and I would suggest that others take the above steps to retrieve their files from Apps which no longer work in iOS 11 – perhaps saving these to the Notes App or other App if one is not keen to spend any money on a new App.

But it is disappointing that the developer of Notebooks 8 has to come up with solutions which are not straight forward and likely to cost users more money as they have to purchase another program to get this done, and not pointing to the use of iTunes which has a free built-in solution for this.