Nintendo New 3DS XL

Recently with my daughters getting into Pokemon Moon and Alpha Sapphire on their Nintendo 2DS and 3DS, I thought it would be worth looking at getting a device of my own to join them in the collecting of Pokemon (now that Pokemon Go is no longer worth playing), and with Pokemon X. So with the New Nintendo 3DS XL now in stock, it was the one I decided to get.

I bought and collected it from our local Argos store, cost ¬£179.99. The box is slightly smaller than that which held my daughter’s 2DS, because it only contains the 3DS XL with no charger or charging cable – this needs to be bought separately. I had already bought two such cables for my daughters, so this was not an issue for me.

Nintendo New 3DS XL

It does come with the XL stylus, built-in 4GB memory card (I can’t seem to see the slot for this, but it is definitely in there), a few AR cards and the operations manual.

Charger not included

The initial thoughts when I took it out was that it looked very nice with the curved edges and I do like the metallic blue colour. The screen is very large, and the 3-D effect is said to be more stable as it is adjusted to account for where your face is as detected by the front-facing camera Рnot that this matters that much to me. There is also an extra C stick to the right side above the X, Y, A & B buttons, which will be useful for certain games (but does not seem to work with the Pokemon games that we have).

Large XL screen
Nice Blue metallic casing

Whereas the stylus is to the back of the original 3DS, in the new 3DS XL this is stored in the front of the new 3DS XL. The power button and the headphone jack flank either side of this. The game cartridge slot is also on the front of the device.

The stylus is to the front, headphone jack goes in the center and the game card to the other side

Now it is worth comparing the sizes of the various devices that we have: Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS and the new 3DS XL. Clearly the 3DS XL has the largest screen, which is helpful particularly for those who are starting to need reading glasses as it can be held further away from the eyes because the screen is much bigger.

Nintendo New 3DS XL (top left), Nintendo 3DS (top right), Nintendo DS Lite (Bottom left) and Nintendo 2DS (Bottom right)

What I like about the New 3DS XL?

  1. Great sleek looks, with nicely rounded edges.
  2. The extra large screen is definitely the best feature for me, as it means I can see the content on the screen more clearly now that I have to keep the device slightly further away due to the change in my vision.
  3. Unlike previous generation 3DS, this will also work with older DS game cartridges such as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
  4. Good stereo sound quality.
  5. The more stable 3D will appeal to those who enjoy playing games in 3D.

What could be improved?

  1. No charging cable included. With USB ports easily accessible, surely Nintendo could have included a USB charging cable.
  2. The pixels of the screen can be easily seen, so it definitely lags behind devices such as the new iPhones with their retina displays and fine pixels.


This new 3DS XL is probably the nicest DS console that Nintendo have come out with. Some people may prefer this to the Nintendo Switch, as it has many more games that work with it. And for those who play Pokemon, this would definitely be the device to get. I definitely like it. Recommended.