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New York and Washington – Infrared Page 2

Capitol Building:

The Capitol Building was very impressive when we visited it on that hot sunny day. Hence I had to include two of the images I took below, one of the Capitol Dome itself and one with the entire building.

Capitol Building
Capitol Building

Niagara Falls and Rainbow Bridge:

The Niagara Falls is amazing, and hence I chose a photo which had all 3 falls captured in it, as well as one of the boat cruise taking tourists to see the falls close-up. I also had to show the image of the Rainbow Bridge which I took from the boat before it started on its journey.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Boat cruise
Niagara Falls Rainbow bridge

I was pleased that I brought my camera to take infrared images, as it has captured images which I would not have been able to capture otherwise. It was not easy to swap between 3 cameras, but I managed to do it with the GoPro Seeker Backpack (for GoPro Hero 5 Black), Peak Design Camera Clip to hold the Sony A7R on the other strap of backpack and Peak Design wrist strap tied to the backpack strap which holds the Olympus E-PL5 while it dangles around near my waist.


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