New Year’s Eve Dinner

Happy New Year to all my readers. As I was working on New Year’s Day, I have not been able to post about the New Year’s eve dinner my wife had prepared for us. Now while she was preparing the meal, we also decided to have a gin and tonic tasting to compare the aromas and taste of 5 different gins – just to add some fun to the festivities.

One of the things my wife and I enjoy doing together, is tasting, comparing and contrasting various beverages. Now towards the end of last year, I managed to buy the Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin and Tonic tasting selection (would also be a great gift for friends), and this would be the great base for conducting a gin and tonic tasting without wasting a lot of money on gin you may dislike. This has 4 small bottles of gin – Beefeater, Sipsmith, Bombay Sapphire and Martin Miller Gin. They also come with 4 different Fever-Tree Tonic waters, which allows for experimenting to decide which one is the best. The four flavours are: Premium, Elderflower, Mediterranean and Lemon Tonic water.

Fever Tree Gin and Tonic Tasting Selection Kit

For the taste test, I decided to use the Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic water which is our normal tonic, so the only variable we experience would be the gin in the glass – served with a little ice.

5 different gins tested: Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire, Martin Miller, Sipsmith and Sloe gin

Now what we found was that the wine tasting glasses used above allowed more of the gin aroma to come through, whereas the shot glasses did not (probably because the drink was near the brink once the tonic water went in). The Beefeater had very lovely aromas coming out (more than the other gins) but was fairly harsh on the palate. The Bombay Sapphire had less aroma but was also less harsh on the palate compared to the Beefeater. The Martin Miller was not as aromatic as the Beefeater, but definitely was a smooth easy drink. The Sipsmith was the least favoured as the flavours were not to our liking. The Sloe gin tasted more like cough syrup. Unsurprisingly, my wife and I felt the best tasting and smoothest gin was the Martin Miller. So this tasting confirmed that we prefer Martin Miller Gin – which is great to know, as this has been our preferred gin for years.

Now on to our dinner. This was a seafood fest with 5 different seafood represented in our meal. Sadly it is only when posting this meal, that I have realised that I did not photograph the seafood pasta my wife had cooked which had scallops in it (in case you were wondering why there are only 4 different seafood in the photographs below).

Crab claws
King prawns
Oyster omellete
Canadian lobsters
Home-made coleslaw with lobster tail

It was a lovely meal which we all enjoyed, particularly the lobsters which my youngest daughter loved and the prawns which are my oldest daughter’s favourite. Definitely a great way to welcome the new year.