Neewer 360 Rotation Panorama Head with remote

One of the things I would like to do is shoot panoramas of places I visit either with my iPhone or 4K video with the GoPro Hero 5 Black. So the brief for this purchase was – it had to be compact and light, have motorised control for panning the device and be relatively inexpensive. In the end I bought the Neewer version as it was available for £25.49 (RRP £29.99) with Amazon lightning deal.

The Neewer electric panorama head came by next day delivery in a plain black box. Definitely well packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Neewer 360 Rotation Motorised Panoramic Head
Contents in box

Now the panoramic head weighs 137 grams, measures 74 mm diameter and 66 mm tall. Hence it is not too big and is relatively light. The remote control weighs 13.9 grams, the GoPro mount 9.5 grams and the Phone grip mount 43.6 grams.

Comes with Phone grip mount, GoPro mount, IR remote control, storage bag and Micro USB cable

The Phone grip can be mounted as show below or on the side, as it has 1/4″ threads on the side as well as on the base.

Phone grip mounted with iPhone 6 Plus on Neewer head

The Phone grip has rubber pieces to prevent scratching the phone. The thickest device it can grip is 14mm, which is the limit you can extend the jaws of the Phone grip. As you can see below there is a Micro USB charging port to recharge the internal battery. The great news is that it can be used while the device is being charged through the port.

Micro USB port for charging

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