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Neewer 360 Rotation Panorama Head with remote Page 2

The power switch is on the side of the panorama head – slides on/off. The Panorama head does have 3 feet so it can sit on a flat surface such as a table without requiring a separate tripod. However, this may not work very well though as the cameras with wider angle lenses may capture the table in the scene as well, as this device is not very tall.

Power On/Off button

But it does have 1/4″ screw threads at the base of this panorama head, so it can be mounted on a monopod or tripod as well.

Base with 1/4″ screw thread for mounting onto a tripod

There is only one infrared sensor to receive the signal from the remote control on the panoramic head – located where the white triangle is. Unfortunately it means that the remote needs to be pointed at this particular part of the head in order for the signal from the remote to work. It would have been great if they had put another sensor on the opposite side of the head as well, to widen the ability to receive the signal.

Sole infrared sensor on the panorama head

The infrared remote provided only has 8 buttons on there. This allows you to adjust the speed of rotation/panning, the direction of rotation, power button to stop the rotation (not for switching on the device which is the slide button on the body of the head). Each time it receives signal from the remote, the LED on the head will blink blue instead of red.

The three buttons in the middle row from top to bottom: activate the 90 degree left-right rotation (not sure I would use this), shutter of camera on the phone (via Bluetooth connection) and 10 sec time lapsed photo taken after every 40 degrees rotation.

Neewer infrared remote control

Other specifications:

Rotation speed: 2 to 5 rotations per minute

Continuous work time: over 9 hours

Battery capacity: 750 mAh

Max Pan load: within 500 grams

Now I did notice that there was a slight jerkiness to the video captured while panning with the GoPro Hero 5 black. Also, it was noticeable the motor noise in the recording when it is panning, which is not a problem as this will be replaced with music during video editing.

But the question was whether I could mount the Karma grip with the GoPro Hero 5 black and still get it to pan. With the Karma grip handle angled down so it was below the head, the balance was so off it could not pan. But tilt the Karma grip handle upwards and I had success getting it to pan around. So it should be possible to get smooth stabilised 4K video while panning with this setup.

GoPro Hero 5 black with Karma Grip tilted to achieve balance for panning
Side view

What I like about the Neewer 360 rotation panorama head?

  1. Size and weight are ideal for bringing around, particularly for use with the GoPro Hero 5.
  2. Good price. Comes with the necessary accessories to be able to use straightaway with phone or GoPro.
  3. Can be mounted onto a monopod or extension grip to enable smooth panoramic shots from high up (with the Karma Grip to stabilise the camera).
  4. The fact you can continue to use the device while it is charging, means that its use is not limited to the capacity of the internal battery.

What could be improved?

  1. At start up it is always set at the fastest rotation speed (5 rotations/min). But other than that there is no visible indicator of speed of rotation. So one has to turn it up or down to get to lowest or fastest rate and then adjust it to the ideal rotation rate.
  2. The rate of rotation is fairly limited – 2 to 5 rotations per minute, which means it can only rotate between 12 degrees per second to 30 degrees per second.
  3. There is only one remote sensor located on the panorama head, so the remote only works when pointing at this point on the head. There should be at least 2 or 3 such sensor points scattered around the head to make using the remote easier.
  4. Noise of the panning motor is noticeable in the recording, and the panning is slightly jerky – I would not use it without the gimbal head. But fortunately it is possible to use the Karma Grip on this.


The Neewer 360 degree electric rotation panorama head is made to be used with a smart phone or action camera such as GoPro. It enables users to be able to shoot smooth panoramic shots more easily, and even control the camera on the smartphone to take photos. I am particularly interested in using this to shoot 4K video when away on holiday, as it will enable me to capture footage that I would otherwise have been unable to.

The fact it is small and light and affordable, and is able to handle the weight of the Karma Grip with GoPro Hero 5 black (which means I do not have to take the GoPro out of the Karma Grip) makes it a no-brainer purchase for me. Recommended.


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