My daughter’s birthday party

For my youngest daughter’s 9th birthday, she wanted to have an ice skating party with her 3 best friends. Hence my wife made plans for this to take place. Our good friend also baked a lovely lemon drizzle cake with icing for her birthday – exactly what my daughter had asked for.

It is great that in Oxford there is an ice skating rink near the city center. It is also not unsurprising to learn that many people celebrate their children’s birthday there, as there were at least 5 other children celebrating there that Saturday with their friends and families. The photos posted here are of the arena before the skating begins (so no photos of people skating).

Oxford Ice Rink
Ice resurfacer vehicle doing its rounds before the skating session begins
Working its way around
Entire ice rink clean and smooth

With the resurfacing complete, the session can then begin. But it is definitely more slippery in the beginning whilst the surface is not completely solidified. I have not posted any of the photos of people skating,as strictly there is no photography allowed (as there was a small no photography sign hiding somewhere on the wall). But the atmosphere was great, the music played through the speakers was conducive for skating, and most of the people there enjoyed themselves (some did look petrified though).

Afterwards, we moved to a room next to the skating rink, so the children could have some party food, and share the birthday cake. And it is definitely a lovely cake that our friend baked for my daughter – it was so delicious that by the very next day, it was all gone, and both my daughters were fighting for the last slice.

Extremely moreish lemon drizzle cake – you can’t have just once slice of this

And on Sunday, one of our church friends even baked a lovely cookie on a ribbon for my daughter to wear and eat. She kept nibbling on it until half of it was gone by the time we reached home.

Cookie on a ribbon

My daughter said that she definitely enjoyed her birthday party. And we were pleased to hear that her friends enjoyed it too (especially the party bag ;-).