Mother’s Day

Today in UK, we celebrated Mother’s Day. My daughters and I decided to prepare and serve the three meals of the day for my wife, so she could have the break she deserved from looking after her family. The plan was for my oldest daughter to prepare breakfast, my youngest to prepare lunch and I would prepare and cook dinner. I had also bought some special tequila to make her favourite cocktail – Margarita.


For breakfast, my daughter served toasted Belgium waffle – half with two scoops of home-made ice cream (Milo and Bailey’s flavour), and the other half with Maple syrup and a dollop of butter. My wife did enjoy it, although she said the Milo ice cream went better with the waffle.

Breakfast: waffles with home-made ice cream and maple syrup/butter


For lunch my daughter made a mushroom omelette for my wife. She used two beaten eggs, seasoned with a pinch of white pepper, a little soy sauce and sesame oil. The sliced mushrooms were pan-fried with butter and oil before the beaten eggs were added to complete the omelette. My wife definitely enjoyed this.

Lunch: Mushroom omelette

Before dinner, I had decided to make two different Margaritas for my wife to try and rate. These would be made with premium quality tequila, unlike the previous ones I had made in the past; these premium tequila were made from 100% Blue agave. The two had chosen and bought were: Herradura Reposado, and Casamigos Reposado. The Casamigos brand is famously linked to George Clooney the actor, who had created this brand together with two of his friends. I wanted to see if there was a difference in the taste of the Margaritas made from these, compared to each other and the ones we had drunk in the past.

Top Reposade tequila for the Margarita – from Herradura and Casamigos

Below is the glass of Margarita made with the Casamigos Reposado tequila. Interestingly both Margaritas tasted better than the Margaritas we had drunk in the past, but the one made with Casamigos tequila was miles ahead of the one made with Herradura tequila. Even the aroma was very pleasant – I could smell vanilla in it. We have to say that this was probably the best Margarita we have ever tasted – amazing. And more importantly, my wife enjoyed this taste test alot.

Casamigos Reposado Tequila in the Margarita


Next came the dinner. I had pan-fried sous vide duck breasts and served it with leafy salad. I also prepared some cucumber slices, grapes and mango pieces to go with the dinner. We each had a glass of Dry River Pinot Noir 2008, which accompanied and complemented the duck very well.

Dinner: Sous vide duck breast served with leafy salad
Cucumber slices, grapes and mango


I served home-made ice cream for dinner, which all of us enjoyed. These were flavours of ice cream which we all loved, and which cannot be bought in England. below is the Milo ice cream, served with a Cadbury Flake.

Home-made ice cream for dessert

My wife enjoyed her Mother’s day meals, so it was definitely a success. And here is wishing a Happy Mothers day to all the other mothers out there.