Mothering Sunday 2017

On 26th March 2017, England celebrated its Mothering Sunday. This is on a different day from the Mother’s Day celebrated by other countries, which is on 14th May this year. For this year, my children and I decided to make the entire day special for my wife.

This year, I’ve actually learnt a little more about Mothering Sunday. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is exactly 3 weeks before Easter. It is a day of celebration of mothers, with children giving cards or presents to their mother. This year we would have a group effort to make the whole day special for my wife.

In the morning, my youngest daughter woke up early to give my wife an extra special cuddle. She also gave her the card she had selected for her – she did take quite some time to choose the right card, to say what she wanted to say to her mother.

The card from my youngest daughter for her mother


My wife normally has a cup of coffee and some toast for her breakfast. This year, my youngest was responsible for preparing breakfast, with some help from me. We served the coffee in a special cup that I had bought years ago but never had a chance to use.

Freshly ground Sumatra mandheling coffee

We also cut the toast into heart shapes, to symbolise mother and daughter’s hearts beating together. My daughter buttered the toast and spread the honey on it, just the way my wife likes it.

2 heart shaped honey and butter toast

And this was taken upstairs so my wife could have breakfast in bed. She was particularly touched.

Mothering Sunday Breakfast for my wife

After breakfast, my wife wanted to go out for a run. Hence we prepared a lovely fruit and spinach smoothie to rehydrate her on her return from the run. This was particularly refreshing after her run, and she definitely appreciated it.

Spinach, cranberry, raspberry, blueberry and ginger smoothie

Then it was my oldest daughter’s turn to give her mother the card she had chosen. She also presented her the pack of cashew nuts that both daughters had bought her – my wife’s favourite.

Oldest daughter’s card and the pack of cashew nut they bought for my wife


Lunch duty belonged to my oldest daughter. Her job was to make a Shiitake mushroom omelette. This was served with a pot of Greek yogurt. My wife said it tasted great, and she was already thinking that it would be a great lunch to bring to work. The Greek yogurt with honey also went down a treat.

Lunch – Shiitake mushroom omelette and a pot of Greek Yogurt with honey

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