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Mothering Sunday 2017 – Page 2

When we went to church, there were flowers prepared and given to all mothers who attended the service by the children from church. Hence my wife also received a small bunch of flowers to take home with her.

Flowers given at church to all mothers

Afternoon snack:

We had made plans to have a snack after we returned home from church. It was great sunny weather in England and hence we decided to do this in the conservatory. I served some nuts, cheese, fruits, crisps with dips, as well as some lovely champagne.

When I had told my wife that we were going to have some bubbly to celebrate Mothering Sunday, the first thought she had was of drinking a glass of Prosecco (not sure why – must be something she has seen on television).  But I had a bottle of lovely Louis Roederer non-vintage champagne which has been aged for at least 5 years, waiting for the right occasion to be popped.

Afternoon snacks – mango slices, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, cheese and Doritos with sour cream and chives dip

The whole point of keeping non-vintage champagne for a few years, is to allow it to mature and mellow into a more vintage-champagne like bouquet and taste. And it sure did not disappoint, as we enjoyed the bubbly together with the food.

Louis Roederer Non-vintage champagne


Now dinner was my responsibility. I had in my mind to have a mixed fruit and vegetable salad, served with coriander and chilli prawns, smoked salmon and Mozzarella cheese. I like the thought of a plate full of different colours to excite the visual sense, different tastes and textures to tickle the taste buds. It certainly did all that, and more, as my wife definitely appreciated it.

Salad with coriander and chilli prawns, smoked salmon and mozarella cheese

I had also roasted an extra tasty chicken bought from Aldi. This is roasted in the bag to retain the juices and tenderness of the meat, even of the usually dry breast meat. Serve this with garlic chilli dip and this becomes an irresistible dish. My wife definitely enjoyed this, as she asked for more. This is probably the best roast chicken that can be bought, and exceptional value (£3.69 per 1.5 kg whole chicken).

Extra tasty roast chicken from Aldi

For dessert, I served my wife a small pot of strawberry trifle – a dessert that she really loves, and has not had for quite a long while. She was looking forward to it – and not worrying about the calories And after all that we’ve eaten today, I did have to advise my wife not to weigh herself the next day.

Strawberry trifle

We had a great time making Mothering Sunday special for my wife, and my wife definitely appreciated the effort that we had put in, which means that it was a definite success.

(Added 27/3/17 – it is interesting that both of us only put on 100g in weight despite eating so much yesterday, which just goes to show that you can eat a lot and yet still maintain your weight, if the food is healthy and not excessive in calories.)


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