Mooncake Festival

Tonight is the time when we celebrate the Mooncake Festival. This year, our church friend had given us a few of her home-made moon cakes to enjoy. It is one of the pastries that we do enjoy, so we both great appreciated her generous gift.

As you can see, these are very lovely mooncakes, which look very professionally made. And being freshly made by our friend will give it an advantage in terms of taste compared to store-bought ones which were made quite a while ago.

Home-made moon cakes
Home-made mooncakes

Below is a photo of a slice of the mooncake.

A slice of the moon cake
A slice of the lotus seed paste mooncake

These mooncakes are smaller than the ones we are used to buying. Now bearing in mind that a normal sized lotus seed paste mooncake contains 716 Calories (and more if it contains salted egg yolk), it is great that these by virtue of their size will give us less calories. Hence we can enjoy these with less guilt than the ones that can be bought from the shops. We are definitely enjoying these, as they taste great.

Anyway, hope everyone has managed to enjoy the mooncake festival this year.