Moment Wide-angle (18mm) lens for iPhone

I have owned the Moment 2x telephoto (60mm) lens for a very long time now. The only thing which stopped me from using it was that my iPhone 6 plus camera had failed. But since Apple replaced the camera recently, I decided to look again for accessories to use with my iPhone camera. I noted that there were a few sellers based in UK selling the Moment wide-angle (18mm) lens at a very good price (£40 with free delivery). Hence I decided to buy the last one that was available from that seller (with the Moment iPhone 6 plus mount).

The lens was delivered very swiftly to the Fast collection point at an Argos near where I live – great option for eBay items in that they can be collected from many centres around the UK, as they are open much longer than the post office and likely to have a branch close to where you live in the UK.

The Moment lens box is the same as the one that houses my Moment telephoto lens. The telephoto lens has a pouch which has 60 on the outside, to distinguish it from the wide-angle lens which has 18 on it.

Moment wide-angle lens box with mount and the lens pouch (with 18 on it)
Moment wide-angle lens box with mount and the lens pouch (with 18 on it)

The lens itself is the same size in diameter as the telephoto lens, but is much thinner i.e. more pancake. But that front element does protrude out quite a bit, which means it is worth investing in the Moment lens cap (US$9.95 + delivery) to protect it.

Wide-angle lens in box
Wide-angle lens in box

It does look nicely built and initial thoughts are that it works very well on my iPhone 6 plus, with no vignetting and sharp in the corners as well.

Moment wide-angle lens on iPhone 6 plus
Moment wide-angle lens on iPhone 6 plus

Why buy this lens?

  1. It is a quality lens which converts the iPhone camera lens to a wide-angle, allowing for more of landscape to be captured or for group photos. Much better quality than the cheap add-on lenses available.
  2. By capturing more of the landscape, it will allow for flexibility when doing post-processing e.g. when correcting the perspective of the subject, which will inevitably result in cropping away part of the photograph.
  3. My widest lens for any of my cameras is 24mm, so this lens gives me something I do not get from the rest of my camera equipment. And for a very good price, particularly as I do not see myself buying an ultra wide angle lens in the foreseeable future.

The things I’ve noted about this lens is:

  1. That front lens element protrudes out significantly, although is still protected by the built-in lens hood fins. It definitely needs a lens cap (sold separately) in order to protect it. I would not leave it in the pouch that comes with this lens without a lens cap.
  2. As it is rather a wide-angle lens, you do need to keep fingers away from the lens to prevent touching the lens element and also to avoid accidentally getting the finger in the shot.
  3. It does give sharper images towards the corner than other wide-angle lenses on the iPhone that I’ve tested.
  4. There is no vignetting visible with this lens and my iPhone 6 plus camera.

Would I buy this lens again?

Yes. But it does need a lens cap to protect it, and unfortunately this is not currently available in the UK and has to be ordered from the Moment website. But it would be a great combination to use with the Moment iPhone 6 plus case which will be out for sale soon.

There will be pics taken with this lens to follow. Unfortunately the weather has not been too good of late, and not allowed me to capture any photos worthy of sharing.