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Moment iPhone 6 plus case (contd)

To make use of the case, however, you do need to download the Moment App. In the settings menu, you can connect to the case. It will also inform you of the battery level of the case, which has a button battery.

Moment App prior to syncing with case
Moment App prior to syncing with case
Now synced via bluetooth
Now synced via bluetooth

After the case if connected to the iPhone, then it is just the matter of using it to control the camera on the phone.You can use any of the Moment lenses (telephoto, wide and macro) with this case. At least now I no longer require that mounting plate on my iPhone, and it does protect the lens of my iPhone camera which is now recessed in the case.

Moment telephoto lens mounted
Moment telephoto lens mounted

What I like about the case?

  1. Sturdy and reasonably stylish.
  2. The sides of the case has enough grip that I am less likely to drop the iPhone.
  3. Has that shutter button and mounting for the Moment lenses, so no need to have another mounting plate on the phone itself.
  4. Protects the lens of the iPhone 6 plus camera which protrudes out from the phone.
  5. Works well with the Moment App (when it works), and allows for half press of shutter like a normal camera.

What could be improved?

  1. The grip does help a little with stabilising the phone while taking photos, although it could have worked better by having a 90 degree edge to grip against perhaps at the top where the second and third fingers would be. I am not fully convinced currently by the camera grip.
  2. The Moment App did malfunction and close on its own during a few occasions – not sure if this is due to incompatibility with iOS 9.2 – hopefully the company will fix this, as it would be extremely frustrating for it to happen when taking a crucial shot.
  3. Quality control could be better – the end edge of the walnut finish on the grip was slightly less shiny than the rest of the grip.
  4. Customer service is poor. It took too long to deliver the case, and they do not keep you informed about the time to despatch.
  5. I ordered Moment lens caps with this order and unfortunately was informed by the company that they did not have enough to dispatch without delaying the order (until end of December). Hence I had to opt for refunding the cost of the lens caps to avoid any further delays, and was given a code to order them and claim the 20% discount when they become available (which would incur more delivery cost for me).The least they could have done was to ship them separately, as a good will gesture for not being able to fulfill the order in time. That just goes to show the lack of good customer support; any good lens company would have included lens caps with their lenses in the first place, but they have chosen to profit from selling these separately (but that is a whole different story).

Now one of the things the company lacked was a belt holster option for its grip. Hence when I ordered this case, I was taking the chance and hoping that it would fit into one of the two belt holsters I had bought previously for my iPhone 6 plus. Certainly looking at its size, there was no way I would be able to fit it into the slimmer one that I use for a bare iPhone. Hence the only hope hung with the deeper version. Fortunately for me it does fit into the deeper version, albeit a tight squeeze. At least I can still hold the phone the way I normally do on my belt, but with the phone facing downwards with the grip up top.

Moment iPhone 6 plus case in my belt holster
Moment iPhone 6 plus case in my belt holster

The other issue I had to consider was whether this case would be able to mount onto my GripGo Universal Car phone holder, which has a stick gel pad to grip the phone. But sadly, the back of the case just does not stick down enough to the holder and the phone would fall off with the slightest bump. So I have had to buy a new car holder (review of this to come), in order to hold my phone in my car.


So the big question is would I recommend this case? At present, there are enough reservations I have with this case and the company for me not to be able to recommend this case wholeheartedly. Couple it with the need to change a few other accessories in order to use it, I would advise considering all these before thinking about getting this case. But perhaps with longer use of it, and it preventing me from dropping my phone, I may be able to justify to myself the cost of this camera case.


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