Moment Case Firmware Update

I am typing this on my iPhone as I have been without wifi for the last 3 days – I shall post about this another time. But fortunately I do have unlimited data on my iPhone, so am not completely cut off from the Internet. Now while looking on the App Store, I noted that the Moment App had an update to it. It promises to allow for the Moment Case shutter button to work with the iPhone camera App – it is about time. So I had no hesitation in downloading this and applying the update.

In order to update the firmware, you will have to download the Moment App update first.

Moment App update

Once the App update is downloaded, simply open it to show the option of Update Available.

Update available for Moment case

Tapping on that option will take you through the updating process.

Update to Moment Case firmware through Moment App
Click to update

Once this is done, you can simply close the App and start using the Moment Case shutter button with the iPhone Camera app. And it does work. Better late than never, I suppose.