M&Ms Limited Edition

Recently my children were given a pack of limited edition M&Ms with peanut and hazelnut by a friend. As my children do not like peanuts, I decided to try these out myself.

I have bought the peanut M&Ms to eat before, and it did taste nice. Owing to it having high calories, I am reluctant to buy these to eat again. But now that this pack has presented itself to me, and being limited edition, I felt duty-bound to give it a go – even though it contains 218 Calories in 1/3 (42.6 g) of a pack.

Limited edition M&Ms peanut and hazelnut
Back of packaging – 128 g per pack

The M&Ms are fairly easy to tell apart, as the hazelnut M&Ms are rounder, whereas the peanut ones are oval in shape. They both taste very nice, with the hazelnut M&Ms tasting similar to Ferrero Roche chocolate which contain hazelnuts.

M&Ms – Hazelnut (brown) and Peanut (orange) filling

I can see this giving appeal to some chocolate-lovers, as the hazelnut taste makes it more luxurious and moreish – brings M&Ms more up-market.