Mexicana cheese

During the end of last year while I was doing grocery shopping in Asda Supermarket, I made a point to look for some cheese for us to share. The clear favourites in my family are: Wenslydale with cranberries, Red Leicester and Mature Cheddar. But one cheese caught my eye which I felt I had to buy for my wife to try – it is the supposedly spicy Mexicana Cheese.

When my wife first saw the Mexicana Extra Hot Cheese, she was instantly skeptical about the claim that it was hot. But as I had bought it for us to try, she was keen to see if it lived up to the claims.

Block of Mexicana Extra Hot cheese

The cheese definitely tastes Mexican, reminding me of salsa, Jalapeno chillis and Nachos. My wife described it as reminding her of Chorizo. But we both agreed that it was indeed spicy hot – although not overly hot though. It did go very well with Doritos. Nice indeed.

Mexicana Extra Hot cheese – cut pieces

We did enjoy the other cheeses I had bought as well, which have always been our family favourites.

Wenslydale cheese with cranberries
Asda Extra Special Mature Cheddar cheese
Asda Extra Special Red Leicester cheese

So it goes to show that sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when certain things do live up to the claims. My wife even said that she would buy the Mexicana cheese again, which means it did hit the mark.