M81 Bode’s nebula

Recently during the imaging session when I imaged the Pinwheel Galaxy M101, I also happened to capture a few subs of the Bode’s nebula M81. As these could not be stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, I had to process this with Pixinsight.

As my telescope was not perfectly collimated, and the guiding was not perfect, hence the stars are not perfectly round. So I do know that there is work to be done to refine my system, as the Orion Optics VX12 at 17kg including my imaging chain is nearly at the maximum load capacity of the Celestron CGEM and hence really pushing it. Perhaps I may need to change my mount, if I cannot get it to work perfectly.

Anyway, here is the image of M81 after over 1.5 hrs post processing with Pixinsight. Subs were taken at ISO 1600 2 minutes with my Olympus E-PL5 full-spectrum camera using Astronomik CLS-CCD filter.

M81 - Bode's nebula
M81 – Bode’s nebula

I would say that it isn’t too bad, although it could be improved.