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Lumsing 13400mAH USB-C power bank

With the acquisition of the GoPro Hero 5 black action camera and the Karma Grip, I next turned to look for a power source which would enable me to power both devices for much longer than their quoted battery life. I would then be able to avoid buying extra batteries for the Hero 5 black and the need to change them when it runs out of power. I needed a USB-C power bank of a reasonably small size and weight but with a good capacity. Hence I bought the Lumsing 13400mAH USB-C with Quick Charge 3.0 for £25.99 from

The power bank came in a simple brown box, but contained the power bank as well as a Micro USB cable and a short Type C cable both measuring about 0.5 meters long.

Lumsing Power bank in box

There are only 3 ports on the top, as well as an LED light. The orange power on/off button is to the side, and the 4 LED indicators of the charge on the power bank is on the front of the body.

Lumsing power bank with button on side and 4 LED capacity indicator on the front

The fact this power bank allows for fast charging of devices, as well as for recharging it when is low in charge is a great feature.

Left: QC 3.0 output, Type C input/output, Micro USB input, Right: torch
High amp input and output for faster charging

What I like about the Lumsing 13400mAH Power Bank?

  1. Small size and low weight mean that it is a great power bank to bring about when on the go.
  2. Fast charge and recharging is a great feature.
  3. High capacity is definitely a bonus, as it should allow me to use the GoPro Hero 5 black and Karma grip combination for many hours without running out of juice.
  4. Comes with both a Micro USB and Type C cable at no extra cost.

What could be improved?

I seriously can’t think of any improvements.


In the past, I must have bought at least 30 or more power banks, some were good while others did not last very long. But with improvements in technology, it is now possible to charge devices faster then previously, which means the need to buy more capable power banks. As you can probably tell, I am pretty impressed with the Lumsing 13400mAH USB-C power bank. I really like the looks, the weight, size, capacity and fast-charge features of this power bank. Highly recommended.


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