Long exposure images – Sony A7R

During my holiday, I wanted to try the long exposure capture of some images using my Sony A7R. As I did not bring a tripod for the trip, the only way was to brace it against something while taking the shot. In Malaysia, I took images of the waterfall of a koi pond at the recreational club of the estate where my relatives lived. The second image was of the night sky from a high multi-storey apartment in Singapore.

The Sony A7R was held braced against the railing in front of the waterfall. As I did not have a neutral density filter with me, I used the lowest ISO and a small aperture in order to capture the longest exposure time I could. In retrospect, I should have used the 2 second timer to make the shot even more stable, as the movement of the camera following the depression of the shutter button was likely the reason why I could not capture sharp images using longer exposure times.

Waterfall Sony A7R – 24mm ISO 50 0.5 sec f22
Waterfall of the koi pond
Waterfall of the koi pond – Sony A7R 43mm ISO 100 1/15 secs F8

The scene below of the night in SIngapore was done holding the Sony A7R against the rail, using the 2 second timer to reduce movement of the camera from depressing the shutter button.

Night scene - Sony A7R 24mm ISO 100 1.6 secs F8
Night scene – Sony A7R 24mm ISO 100 1.6 secs F8
100% crop
100% crop

As can be seen, I have been able to get long exposure images which are relatively sharp when handheld against a stable structure like a metal rail. Using the 2 second timer makes it possible to capture even longer exposure times. Looks like I have more experimenting to do with my Sony A7R.