Lictin Pack of 3 Refillable Dolce Gusto Pods

Previously when I first got into drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, I did not know better so I bought the Dolce Gusto Melody coffee machine to brew the coffee. I then realised that it had limited numbers of coffee pods, none of which appealed to me. Hence I tried opening up the used pods and replacing them with ground coffee and placed aluminium foil over it to form the lid, just so I could make a cup I would be happy to drink.

As it was a lot of work and not always successful, I finally gave up and bought a Bean-to-Cup machine by Delonghi to meet my coffee needs. But now that there are refillable pods available for the Dolce Gusto, I thought I would buy these to try – will save money in the long run, reduce the amount of waste produced by those disposable pods, and more importantly allow for the use of better coffee beans/ground coffee to make that nice cup of coffee worth drinking.The refillable pods I bought from were the Lictin 3 pack ones costing £7.99.

Lictin pack of 3 refillable Dolce Gusto pods
BPA free and reusable

The three refillable pods each have a metal filter mesh at the bottom. The pack comes with a small brush for cleaning and also a plastic scoop for adding in the ground coffee.

Metal mesh at the base of pod
Lid with the entry point for the needle

What I did not notice before until I started using it was that each of the lids has a black rubber seal to keep the lid leak-proof and presumably will ensure all the pressure of the water will force it through the coffee grounds. These rubber seals are fairly thin, so perhaps these will be the limiting factor on how long they can be reused before they have to be disposed of.

Lid has black rubber seal to ensure it is tight and leak-proof

The exit spout of the capsule where the coffee comes out of, sits neatly in the capsule holder so it will not move about once it is in place.

Base of the capsule

Below I have used the white scoop provided to fill ground coffee in the pod – and gently used the white scoop to tamp down the coffee. I will try tamping a little harder in the future to see if this makes a difference to the coffee.

Filled with ground coffee

The pod needs to be placed in the pod holder such that the hole is aligned with where the needle from the machine normally punches into the capsules – for the Melody it is at 6 o’clock position.

Placed in the pod holder with hole at 6 o’clock position

Now the big question is whether the refillable pods do a good job – and visibly it is rather positive as there is plenty of crema in the coffee I managed to brew with it.

Freshly brewed coffee with plenty of crema

This is a great solution for those who would like to use their own ground coffee to make a cuppa with a Dolce Gusto coffee maker. It is easy to clean, reusable, will allow you to use whichever ground coffee to make that cuppa, and will reduce the waste produced from throwing away all those disposable pods, not to mention saving you money in the long run. With so many positives, it is definitely recommended.