Lenovo Yoga Book Windows 10 Convertible Laptop

On Christmas Eve, I took my daughters to John Lewis in Wycombe to collect the new iPhone my wife had ordered. While there, we went around to look at the various electronic devices on display and one computer which caught the eye of my two daughters was the Lenovo Yoga Book. And when the salesperson showed us what it was capable of, my daughters both wanted one – each. After discussing with my wife, we decided that we would get one for each of them as there are so many benefits of this device to facilitate their learning.

Now there was no stock of the Lenovo Yoga Book available at John Lewis, so we had to wait until the New Year before more stock became available. John Lewis has it priced at £494.95 (RRP £549.00) for the Windows 10 version, which is the cheapest price (next cheapest is Amazon price £539) and includes 3 years warranty as well.

I have to say that it was very nicely packaged in a rectangular white box, which protects the Lenovo Yoga Book well.

2 x Lenovo Yoga Books
Windows 10 laptop with graphics tablet/Halo keyboard

The Yoga Book is beautiful, slim (under 10mm thick) and fairly light (690 grams), with great battery life for a Windows device (13 hours battery life), has excellent functionality particularly for a student or someone who requires an electronic notebook/notepad.

Slim Lenovo Yoga Book with the lovely watchband hinge

It comes with the various accessories which make it useful – the battery-free stylus pen (which can be converted to a real pen), magnetic paper pad, 3 ink refills for the pen, the tool to open the MicroSD/Sim card slot and Micro USB charging cable and USB charger.

Comes with charger, micro USB cable and Magnetic notepad holder
Yoga Book pen with x3 pen refills and pin to access Sim/MicroSD card
Magnetic paper pad holder
Notepad for writing

As you can appreciate, the Lenovo Yoga Book looks distinctly different to other laptops/tablets. But perhaps that is what computer manufacturers need to do to provide us with game-changing devices. And it really looks beautiful – I can see why my daughters were so excited by it.

Screen with graphics tablet

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