Laksa cookies

Recently I posted about the curry laksa, which is one of my favourite noodle dishes. It is an oriental dish with a little spiciness to it, but also packed with many other flavours. But today, I am posting about Laksa cookies.Now I do like eating cookies, and I do like laksa. But when I first heard about laksa cookies, I was very skeptical about it. My understanding of a cookie is that it is small, flat, baked and more importantly, sweet. So labelling these as laksa cookies, as laksa is meant to be salty, does challenge my perception of what a cookie should be. I didn’t think I would like it.

Now these cookies are from Prima Deli (who also make the pineapple pillow tarts I reviewed previously). It is nicely packaged in an air-tight tin, with the laksa cookies sealed in two separate plastic trays to maintain the freshness and crispy texture.

Tin of Laksa cookies
Tin of Laksa cookies
Comes as 2 sealed packages of these cookies.
Comes packaged as 2 separately sealed trays of cookies.
Crispy savory laksa cookie (or should I say biscuit)
Crispy savory laksa cookies

Now I did not believe that I would like these cookies, but they truly taste of laksa which is amazing. It was an interesting experience – they are salty and crispy, and the laksa taste just lingered in the mouth for quite a long time. Amazing! I supposed if I long for a bowl of laksa, I could always eat one of these cookies to satisfy that craving as I can picture in my mind a bowl of laksa sitting right in front of me when eating this (perhaps an easy midnight snack).

I actually cannot believe that both my wife and I enjoyed eating it, although she has declined any further tastings as she does not want extra calories added to her diet (and the requisite additional exercise required to burn them off).

But it just goes to show that it can be worth trying new things, as you won’t know whether you like something until you have tried it. Some concepts can sound weird and not work, but this one seems to be able to pull it off. My mind is not fully convinced, but my taste buds are. I shall be eating more of these in the days to come.