Kinden Travel Adapter with Built In 6000mAh Power Bank

Recently I was browsing the Amazon website looking for travel adapters which will come in handy when we do go away for our Summer holiday. I noted that there was the Kinden travel adapter with 2 USB charging ports and a built-in 6000 mAh power bank. This retails normally for £24.00 but I managed to buy this for £19.20 from their Lightning deals.

The Kinden travel adapter measures 94 x 70 x 41mm, weights 214 g. It has 2 USB charging ports rated total 2.1A, is able to plug into the sockets anywhere in the world, as well accept electric plugs of devices from anywhere in the world – rated up to 1500 watts (6A fused).

Kinden Travel adapter portable USB charger and 6000mAh power bank

The fact it has a built-in power bank means that it can be used to charge devices via USB even when it is not plugged into the mains power. And when the power bank is low in charge, the LED indicator up top will blink green. To recharge it, you simply need to plug it into the mains socket (the LED indicator light is red when charging and green when fully charged). And as it isn’t very heavy or large in size, it will fit nicely into any backpack or bag and provide backup power.

Multiple uses
Fits all types of power plugs and 2 USB ports

There are 2 sliding switches used to extend out the relevant electric plugs. The one on the top will extend out the flat electric plug for USA, Japan, and can even be angled for use in Australia. The middle one which works in Europe simply needs to be pulled out to use – no switch required.

Plug lock system on top for selecting US/AUS plug

The bottom sliding switch extends out the UK electric plug – the earthing plug needs to be pulled out manually.

Bottom plug lock to select UK plug
EU plug selected by pulling the plug out

What I like about the Kinden Travel adapter with Built in power bank + USB charging ports?

  1. Multiple functionality in a reasonable sized package – serves as a travel adapter, USB charger, and power bank.
  2. Reasonable price, considering what it can do.
  3. Good build quality – it should last for at least a few trips.

What could be improved?

  1. This is nitpicking, but the power bank could have more LED lights to indicate the level of charge remaining.


Bearing in mind the number of available features and the reasonable price of the Kinden Travel Adapter with power bank, it is definitely worth buying. The fact it will work anywhere in the world, provide 2 USB charging ports and some USB backup power when you are on the go, makes it very easy to recommend it.