It’s pizza time

Recently my wife decided to let my daughters practise their pizza making skills. This has many benefits – fresh home-made food with healthy ingredients, lets my daughters learn how to cook when they are young, gives my wife some quality mother-daughter time, and it fills our tummy with delicious food.I was particularly impressed with their personal artistic flair displayed in the pizzas they made – none of this traditional round pizza stuff that you can buy in the supermarkets.

Face pizza
Face pizza by my youngest daughter

My oldest daughter clearly loves her puppy Rosie, as even her pizza looks like a dog’s face.

Doggie-shaped pizza ala Rosie
Doggie-shaped pizza ala Rosie

My wife’s pizza is the most traditional looking. But that is alright, as it tasted nice – although could have had more chilli in there.

My wife's beef and chilli pizza
My wife’s beef and chilli pizza

To ensure that we all complied with the 5 portions of fruits and vegetables, my wife also prepared a fruit and vegetable salad. The aim is to eat as varied diet as possible – the more colours represented in the food, the more likely there will be all the minerals and vitamins required for good health – something we learnt from a Gastroenterologist friend from America.

Fresh vegetable salad
Fresh fruit and vegetable salad

So food does not have to be boring – it can be fun, home-made and multi-coloured. Great!