iPhone X

Having used the iPhone 6 Plus for three years now, it was getting a little slow and falling behind in the technology department. Hence when the iPhone X was announced, touting a lovely 5.8″ OLED screen – slightly larger screen compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, yet smaller in overall size – was ultimately what made me decide to upgrade to the iPhone X instead of the 8 Plus.

Now it is worth telling the story behind buying the iPhone X, as at one point I thought I may have missed the opportunity to buy this early. On the Thursday, I had set my alarm to wake me up half an hour before the iPhone X would be available to order online on 3/11/17. I had decided to buy the 64GB Space Grey version from John Lewis as they are one of the most reliable retailers and can be trusted for these expensive purchases.

iPhone X box

It so happened that I was woken up by a phone call from my registrar at around 7am that morning as there was a very unwell child. As I had to get in to hospital to review that child, I would definitely be awake when the iPhone X became available to buy online. Unfortunately there were glitches in the John Lewis website which kept showing up an error page and hence it was not possible to complete the purchase (even after half an hour of trying). And when I was leaving the hospital, the iPhone X webpage showed that the Space Grey model which I wanted was now out of stock. That was so disappointing, as I had waited so long and tried so hard to get it and would probably have to wait at least another 2 weeks before I could try again, as stock is so limited.

iPhone X with its 5.8″ OLED screen made by Samsung

But as it was my day off, I kept checking back on the John Lewis website, and lo and behold at 2:37 pm, the Space Grey 64GB iPhone X was suddenly In Stock again. I wasted no time and proceeded to complete the purchase. And the transaction was a success! I would be able to collect it from the Waitrose in Headington on Saturday. I was well pleased. So on Saturday after 1:30 pm when I received the email to confirm that my iPhone X had arrived, I went with my oldest daughter to pick it up.

Lovely glass back with the two cameras with fast apertures (F2.4) for greater image quality

I am particularly excited about the much better camera (or should I say cameras) the iPhone X has – much better than the one on my iPhone 6 Plus. Having not bought a camera for over 2 years now (other than the GoPro), it was time I upgraded the one I would always have with me.  Both cameras are 12 megapixels and equate to a 2x optical zoom camera with optical image stabilisation. First use of this has impressed me – even the images taken with the onboard flash.

The really good Dual cameras of the iPhone X

As usual, included in the box are the ear phones, Lightning cable and USB charger, as well as a Lightning to 3.5 mm ear phone jack adapter.

Included accessories: USB charger, Lightning cable, ear phones and Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter

The Power button on the right of the iPhone X is a bit larger than the previous Power buttons – probably because it is required for certain other functions such as user confirmation of the purchase of an App from the App Store (two presses to confirm), so it can approve payment using Face ID check; to prevent accidental purchase of Apps.

Larger power button to the left and the Sim card slot to the right

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