iPad Pro 12.9″ Accessories

When the iPad Pro 12.9″ was initially released in November 2015, I had considered buying it but had resisted as it did not have the necessary accessories which would make it more useful for me. The biggest reason was that there was no mounting solution similar to how I use my iPad 4 bedside. But as my iPad 4 was proving too slow, and I wanted a larger screen, I had to look to some DIY to convert my current mount to hold the iPad Pro. I’ve also bought a few accessories for it to make it even more useful.

  1. DIY Bedside Mounting for iPad Pro 12.9″ (Poetic iPad Pro 12.9 Case £13.95 – Amazon)

I bought the Poetic iPad Pro 12.9″ Case from Amazon as it looked like it would suit what I intended to do – it would allow me to adapt it to the mounting arm I had been using to hold my iPad 4.

The stand with iPad 4 and Surface Pro 3 mounted on my bedside table
The iPad mounting adapter from my previous iPad holder

The first thing I did was to trim off the ends of the previous iPad holder mount. The Poetic case has a polycarbonate exterior and a rubber insert – there are already 4 holes in the back of the case, for securing the rubber insert onto the polycarbonate case. I simply cut through the rubber insert, so I could use 4 screws to mount the Poetic case to the iPad holder. I also used the Lazer Bond liquid plastic to secure the Poetic case to the iPad holder, so it was extra secure.

Poetic iPad Pro 12.9 case with 4 screws mounting it onto my old iPad holder
Back of Poetic iPad Pro case – mounted to swivel arm stand (with 4 screws and Lazer bond liquid plastic)

Below is my iPad Pro 12.9″ mounted into the Poetic Case, so I do not need to hold my iPad when using it – nice and secure. So my problem was solved with a little DIY. It works great as the rubber insert makes inserting the iPad Pro and removing it nice and easy. And I can adjust angle of the iPad Pro screen to suit when I am sitting or lying down.

iPad Pro mounted on swivel arm for bedside use

2. Apple Pencil (RRP £95 – bought on eBay for 1/2 that price)

To get the most out of the iPad Pro, I needed to pair it with the Apple Pencil as it would allow me to annotate on documents, take notes, draw diagrams – perfect for work and for continued professional development (CPD) for medical professionals. I managed to get the Apple Pencil on eBay for about half the price. Although it was new, it was unboxed and did not have the Lightning to Lightning adapter. But that is not an issue for me, as I managed to save 1/2 the cost but still get this useful accessory. It is great to be able to write on the iPad with this, as it just works so well – much better than a stylus.

Apple Pencil – mounted onto the Poetic Case

3. Sparin Glass Screen Protector (£11.99 from Amazon)

As I will be using the Apple Pencil to write and draw on the iPad Pro screen, I needed to buy some protection for the screen to prevent scratching it, particularly if my youngest daughter is likely to want to draw on it as well.

Sparin Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9″

The glass screen protector itself looks of good quality, but as it is solid unlike the plastic screen protectors which can bend and flex, it does make the mounting onto the iPad a little more fiddly.

The glass screen protector

The pack comes with various items to aid the mounting of the screen protector, including guide stickers to tape the screen protector to one edge of the iPad once you have the correct alignment. The theory is good, but unfortunately it did not work out for me as the stickers were not strong enough to keep the alignment of the glass screen protector and the iPad. Hence I did it using the normal method of manually aligning it after peeling off the plastic film, which still worked perfectly.

Cleaning wipes and microfibre cloth, dust absorber and guide stickers

So while the method for mounting the screen protector as described by Sparin did not work, I did manage to get it mounted without too much difficulty. And so far it has held up to use with no scratches and the screen still looks nice and clear. I do have to say that there is a slight impact with the added glass between the screen and the finger, as the response to my finger touch is not as responsive as it was without the screen protector – so there is a price to pay. But it is still entirely usable.

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