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iPad Pro 12.9″ Accessories – Page 2

4. Brydge Bluetooth Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard (RRP £149.99 – bought on eBay used for £90)

I wanted to have a keyboard to use with the iPad Pro, but did not want either the Apple Smart keyboard or the Logitech Create iPad Pro keyboard. I wanted to use the keyboard when the iPad Pro is mounted on the Poetic case next to my bed, and also when I went to work. Hence one which connects via Bluetooth rather than through the iPad Smart connector was preferred. As the Brydge keyboard looks like a very polished product, makes the iPad Pro look more like a MacBook Pro and also meets my needs, I bought it when one came up on eBay used but in mint condition.

Brydge 12.9 Bluetooth Backlit keyboard
iPad Pro 12.9 with Brydge Bluetooth keyboard (closed)

Cons: It does add some weight to the iPad Pro, does not protect the back of the iPad Pro, and does not have an Apple Pencil holder built into it.

Pros: It has backlit keys to allow use in the dark, has good feel to the keys, and allows the angling of the screen up to 180 degrees (although between 120 and 180 degrees it may not stay in place owing to the weight of the iPad Pro). The base of the hinge which holds the iPad Pro does have a rubber pad to ensure that when placed on a table there is better stability.

The Brydge keyboard I bought essentially looks like the MacBook keyboard, except it is gold in colour, does not have a track-pad and has iOS specific keys. It is a pleasure to type on it – much better than the Surface Pro 3 keyboard. I definitely do not regret getting this keyboard.

5. Apple Pencil holder Gold (£5.99 Amazon)

In order to hold my Apple Pencil safely, I bought the holder from Amazon below. It allows me to mount it onto my iPad Pro when I bring it around with the Brydge keyboard. Works as it should and is good value.

Apple Pencil holder Gold for 12.9″ iPad Pro

6. Useful Apps (Duet Display and Goodnotes 4)

Duet display is an App which allows me to connect my iPad Pro to my Microsoft Surface Pro via the Lightning cable, so I have a second screen to view the work I do. For example, I could use my iPad Pro’s 12.9″ screen to view and edit photos on Capture One Pro, while updating my wesbite on Google Chrome on my Surface Pro 3. And all without needing to invest in another monitor. I paid £6.99 for the Duet App, which I promptly downloaded. It works not only with Windows computers but also with Apple iMac/MacBooks as well.

All I needed to do then was to download and install the free program for my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, connect the iPad Pro to it with the Lightning cable and its ready to go.

Duet Display App

The App will allow you to set the different modes of operation: mirroring the same view on both screens, or two screens displaying different content. With my Surface Pro 3, this is selected on the Windows Display Settings page. You can also choose the refresh rate, the performance and resolution of the display on the iPad.

Duet Display App with various options – as seen on my iPad Pro

The image below is a screen-grab from my iPad Pro of Capture One Pro when I was editing photos for my website. Having two screens when working on updating my website is definitely very useful and makes it less time-consuming.

View of Capture One Pro on my iPad Pro 12.9″

Goodnotes 4. I wanted to get an App which would enable me to do various things – improve work efficiency, aid the collating of useful information including things I’ve learnt, have good search facilities to find stored information, and the ability to sync the information between my devices i.e. iPhone and iPad PRO.

I settled on the Goodnotes 4 as it is an App which would meet my needs with its features:

  • Notes and PDF keeping/filing
  • Handwriting recognition and ability to convert it to text
  • Search function of text and even of handwriting

In fact I now use it for work for annotating documents, managing guidelines, collating all the learning for easier access, and for keeping and organising non-work documents/information I am likely to need in the future.

Goodnotes 4 – note taking app

I have always found the iPad to be very useful and replaced my computer for many tasks. But now I can say that the iPad Pro has made me realise even more of its potential, with that large screen and the Apple Pencil. In fact compared to the iPad 4, it is even better for watching movies because of the bigger screen and better sound quality of the speakers, is great for viewing photos, reading books/documents and for surfing the net. I can’t see me doing these things now without my iPad Pro.


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