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Perran Sands Cornwall

I have been interested in photography for a very long time. This started with a Nikon F90x during the film era, and was rekindled again with the purchase of the Canon 500d about 7 years ago. Since then I have changed cameras many times, as companies like Sony and Olympus came up with cameras with cutting edge technology.

In this site, I hope to capture my experience with the various equipment I have used and illustrate these with the photographs I have taken. I have been interested in invisible-spectrum imaging (and UV-imaging in particular), and will post information of equipment I have tested and found to be useful for UV-imaging.

I have called this site myphotojourney, as this illustrates that the world of photography is a fascinating journey to go on. Every now and then, an interesting piece of camera equipment pops up to bring new excitement into the photography world. This induces the phenomenon called GAS (‘Gear acquisition syndrome’), where bank managers get alarmed and spouses get the shock of their life (if they do find out). Enough said here. I will leave the rest of the talking to the posts on this site. Happy photoshooting.


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