Insect-D-Sight Video

I have just done a video to illustrate Insect-D-Sight (IDS).

I used iMovie to edit the various clips, as well as adjusting custom whitebalance(which is necessary to get the best results). I am quite pleased with my first go at this; I would have done this handheld, but I am not very experienced in videoing, so still learning. But I hope to use the 5-axis IBIS of the Olympus EM-5 to the best effect when shooting this type of video.

The Velbon V-4 boom arm worked very well when panning between flowers, as I do not have a video head for shooting video.

Hope you enjoy it.


Equipment: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4 APO, Baader U filter, IDS1 filter, IDS2 filter, Giottos YTL-8354 tripod, Velbon V-4 Boom arm