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Insect-D-Sight (IDS)

It is a well known fact that insects view the world in a different light to humans. Many insects see UV, blue and green but not red colour. It is rather interesting to see flowers in the light spectrum that insects see them in. My interest in this form of imaging was inspired by the pioneering work of a good friend.

I have coined the term Insect-D-sight (IDS), as: i) Images are taken in the spectrum of light insects see (UV, blue and green but no red) ii) D for Digitally recorded through the camera sensor iii) to produce a colour-balanced image we can understand with our eyes. I have been imaging with two different filter stacks called IDS1 and IDS2.

Here are the comparisons.

Dandelion - visible
Dandelion – visible
Dandelion - UV
Dandelion – UV
Dandelion - IDS2
Dandelion – IDS2
Dandelion IDS1
Dandelion IDS1

I know which image is my favourite (the last).

New filter IDS2e which transmits deeper into green, but still has no red-leak.

Rudbeckia hirta - IDS2e
Rudbeckia hirta – IDS2e

Link to:

IDS video 1 on Youtube – click here

IDS video 2 on Youtube – click here

IDS video 3 (IDS2e filter) on Youtube – click here


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