IFTTT and Amazon Alexa

Recently it was announced that Amazon Alexa officially supported IFTTT (If this then that). This meant that there were many more new things that Alexa could control. This was great news, as it meant that I could start controlling other devices such as the D-Link Smart Plug with my Amazon Echo Dot.

So what is IFTTT? It is the App which if the first criteria is fulfilled, will result in an action taking place – precisely what the name stands for – If this, then that.

Now I do have to say that my first attempts at using IFTTT did not go very well – I wanted my LIFX kitchen bulb to blink 5 times when my Ring Video Doorbell was rung, as it would be a visual cue to whoever is in the kitchen that someone had rung our doorbell. But despite all efforts to set this up, there was significant delay (seconds to minutes, or not at all) between the doorbell being rung and the kitchen light blinking through the command issued through IFTTT. That means that it was practically useless for that function.

But now that it is fully supported by Amazon Alexa, it is entirely possible for me to set IFTTT commands to control the devices which work with IFTTT but lack the Alexa Skills currently i.e. The D-Link Smart plug (Alexa Skill currently only available in the US, not the UK). So here is how I did it:

1) Start the IFTTT App

IFTTT App for iPad or iPhone

2) Search for the Applet for the device to be controlled. Alternatively you could use the Applet maker to create one suitable for what you would like to do.

Search for Applet for device or creat own Applet through the Applet maker

3) Configure the various settings in the Applet Maker. Set the trigger phrase for the ‘IF this’ part of the IFTTT process. Set the desired action (here is the switching off of the bedside plug i.e. D-Link Smart Plug in my bedroom) for the ‘Then That’ to complete the process.

Various settings to adjust for the IFTTT process/applet

4) So now if I say: ‘Alexa, trigger bedside plug off’, it will turn off my D-Link Bedside Smart Plug. And it works too.

IFTTT Applet Maker – to create Applet to control supported devices
Created Applet to control D-Link Smart Plug

So now I can control my D-Link Smart Plug via voice control through Amazon Alexa, which I could not do previously as D-Link has not released the Alexa Skills for their Smart Plugs in UK. So IFTTT has added Alexa control for more device, which is all fantastic.