IDS filter update

I have recently had an update of my IDS2 filter stack which is now called IDS2e. The new stack allows for more green transmission than the previous stack. Hence I will be shooting this rather than the older stack from now on. I will retain the IDS2 images in the flowers I have already photographed, but will try and add in the IDS2e images to these posts as well.

Here are just some flowers I’ve shot with this new stack.

Rudbeckia fulgida - IDS2e
Rudbeckia fulgida – IDS2e
Rudbeckia hirta - IDS2e
Rudbeckia hirta – IDS2e
Rudbeckia - IDS2e
Rudbeckia – IDS2e
Rudbeckia aries - IDS2e
Rudbeckia aries – IDS2e
Sunflower - IDS2e
Sunflower – IDS2e
Bidens - IDS2e
Bidens – IDS2e
Creeping zinnia - IDS2e
Creeping zinnia – IDS2e