Horsehead and Flame nebula

The next image I have managed to capture and post process is the Horsehead and Flame nebula. I have managed on a moonless night with clear skies to capture over 20 x 5 minute subs of this subject to stack.

Images were stacked with Deep Sky Stacker using Kappa-Sigma Clipping, and processed with StarTools.


iOptron ZEQ25 mount, Skywatcher ED80 with Astro-Physics CCDT67 telecompressor, Full spectrum Olympus E-PL5, Lacerta MGEN autoguider, Orion thin Off-axis guider, 2″ Astronomik CLS-CCD filter, Dew heater, Ye!! power pack and Sunsbell power pack. 

Below is a better image of these deep sky objects than the previous one I had captured during a fairly moonlit night.

Horsehead nebula - stack of over 20 x 5 min subs
Horsehead nebula – stack of over 20 x 5 min subs

This is only the second time I have imaged this subject, so I am rather pleased with the result. The next time I image this, I’ll likely be doing LRGB mono imaging. So perhaps my next attempt may produce even better results.