Home-made Fish and Chips

Over the weekend, we had decided to have fish and chips for dinner. My wife was keen to have fresh home-made fish and chips, and hence I bought some really fresh cod fillets and Maris Piper potatoes to make the perfect fish and chips.

Now I do like my wife’s cooking, so I was indeed looking forward to dinner that day. Little did I know that she also had a small surprise for all of us.

Now the key to lovely fish and chips is to have the freshest ingredients. The cod was fresh and did not smell fishy at all, which was great. The meat was soft and delicate – served with a little saly and chilli sauce, tasted very nice indeed. Sadly I did not have any tartare sauce, otherwise that would have been my preferred dip for fish.

Fresh deep-fried cod

My wife sliced the potatoes to make home-made chips. Maris Piper potatoes are supposed to be great for making chips, which was why I chose it. Definitely very nice and tasty.

Home-made chips with dips

Now the surprise I had was that my wife had bought some white bait and had deep fried these as well. This is definitely one of the dishes I enjoy when we go to the pub for food, so to have this at home as well was just a real treat.

Deep-fried white bait

Now while the fish and chips tasted very nice, perhaps we should use our air-fryer to make the meal healthier the next time we have fish and chips.