Holiday trip to America

It has been a week since my return from USA but I had been working every single day since my return. Hence there has been no time to process the photos from our 12 day trip to America, much less post on my website. But now that I have my first day of rest since coming back to England, I thought I would share some photos taken from the trip as well as some things I learnt from this trip.For the trip to New York, Washington and Niagara Falls in Buffalo, I took three cameras with me – the Sony A7R to take landscape photos, the Olympus E-PL5 to take infrared (650nm) images, as well as the GoPro Hero 5 Black to take 4K video as well as ‘we-fies’ of my family. This will be a general introductory post, as I will post about specific sites of interest separately.

I thought I would share images that are iconic of New York today.

Busy street with Street seller in New York
New York Yellow Cab
Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty

What I learnt from this trip to America?

  1. The jetlag of travelling to a country which is ahead in time compared to where you come from is easier to cope with than one which is behind in time. It took me a week to overcome the jetlag following this trip.
  2. The general food and shopping is definitely more expensive in the US than it is in England. Exceptions are electronic things such as iPhones, GoPro Drone kits etc.
  3. Beware of unlicensed ‘taxi’ drivers at the airport – better to use Uber XL cabs or arrange pick-up by the transport from the Hotel.
  4. The speed limit on American highways is slower than that in UK: 65 mph vs 70 mph. And all this time I thought it would be faster in the US – perhaps this is only in the movies.
  5. The service there is not as good as would be expected, and yet it is expected that they will receive a good tip.
  6. Empire State Building visit during the night – very busy and other than lights on the buildings you won’t see much and certainly will not get nice photos – better to go during the daytime.

Personally I found travelling to the US overrated, although there were some highlights for me during this trip – swimming in the indoor pools at the Hotel with my daughters, visiting the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls. But there will be more to follow.