Hive Heating

A few months ago, I noted that there was an issue with my boiler in that the controls did not seem to be working. Hence I thought I would upgrade the control system to the Hive, to get my central heating and hot water system controllable through my iPhone.Unfortunately the installation process was less than straightforward. The timeline of what happened:

  1. The Hive engineer did not turn up for the appointment despite British Gas sending me a phone notification of the booked appointment – it took a phone call to them in order to organise another appointment.
  2. When the Hive engineer tried to install the Hive heating control system, he realised that he could not get it to work – his thoughts were that there was something wrong with the electrics – which needed sorting (costly).
  3. An appointment was booked for the electrician from British Gas to come and sort the electrics. Again the engineer was a no show – and it took a phone call for them to arrange an appointment the following day.
  4. The electrician took about 5 hours to test and re-wire the boiler electrics. They also installed the Hive system. But despite that it did not work – hence a British Gas emergency plumber was called in – who had to book in another appointment for the morning (8-10am). The only thing he did was switch off the system and take the fuse out so we had no heating that night.
  5. The British Gas emergency plumber that was booked did not show up by 9:45am, which meant I had to call them again (and unsurprisingly it did not show on their system). They then agreed to arrange for someone to come by 2pm that day.
  6. The emergency plumber from British Gas finally sorted out the problem with the Boiler – there was a leak which had caused the boiler controls not to work. This required the central heating to be drained to allow for the boiler to dry up overnight before the repair. So my family had no heating for another night.
  7. The emergency plumber came again the next day and fixed the leak, sorted the electrics (he said it was not wired correctly), and had to change the defective Hive controller box. I do have to commend the emergency plumber from British Gas who has sorted out the problem, and clearly knows what he is doing.
  8. I then noted that the Hive thermostat was offline on my Hive App. A call to the Hive helpline helped to resolve this as they accessed my Hive Hub, controller box and thermostat remotely and rebooted them. The support person also arranged to update the firmware of the various boxes. Within a few minutes everything was working.

I am pleased that the central heating system is sorted, but there were many hiccups and inadequacies of the British Gas appointment booking system which made it a whole lot more tedious. But anyway, on to the review of the Hive system.

There are 3 boxes which need to be installed. I paid £249 for the full installation of the Hive system by British Gas. This comes with the Hive Hub, which can also control other Hive devices e.g. active plug, bulbs, sensors etc.

Hive hub

The second box is the Hive controller box for connecting to the boiler and the various valves to control the heating system.

Hive Controller Box

The third box which is also the one which looks the nicest, is the Hive thermostat. This has a central dial and also a few buttons on the top (for boosting heating or hot water for a period of time) and also 3 buttons on the front panel to access the other settings.

Hive thermostat

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