Helleborus flower

For Christmas, I was given a Helleborus plant to grow in the garden. But even before I had a chance to plant it, there were already flowers blooming. So here is the flower shot taken in my indoor studio – the first flower photos of the year; I used Helicon focus to stack about 4 images for each filter to get all the flower in focus.

Helleborus - visible
Helleborus – visible
Helleborus - UV
Helleborus – UV
Helleborus - IDS2e
Helleborus – IDS2e
Helleborus - IDS1
Helleborus – IDS1
Helleborus - UVIVF
Helleborus – UVIVF
Helleborus - UVIVF (macro)
Helleborus – UVIVF (macro)

I do like the UV-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) the most. I will post extreme macro images of the pollen in another post.