Healthy dinner – calorie counting

Recently, I have been talking with my wife about further improvements to my diet to reduce body fat even further. We have determined that my daily calorie requirement is roughly 2000 Calories. If I was aiming for a 0.5 kg weight loss a week to improve my BMI from 24 to 22, I would only be allowed 1780 Calories a day. In order to cut down on unnecessary calories in my diet, we decided to cut down as much as possible on carbohydrates and refined sugars, and increase the protein intake – this together with regular exercise, should make that difference.In order to do this, my wife went to Marks & Spencers to buy some of their healthy foods for our dinner. These are:

  1. Cooked chicken slices – they do have a fair selection to choose from: Sweet and smoky sliced chicken, Mexican sliced chicken and Hickory smoked BBQ sliced chicken.
Various cooked chicken slices
Various cooked chicken slices

The packaging is very helpful and provides the information on the calorie content of each 1/2 pack, which in this case is 67 Calories.

Chicken slices -
Chicken slices – 67 Calories per half pack
Chicken slices - close-up
Sweet and smokey sliced chicken – close-up

2. Nutty grain and vegetable salad is a very nice salad to have, as it has different tastes and textures to it, and is very healthy.

Nutty Grain & Vegetable salad
Nutty Grain & Vegetable salad

Each half pack provides 151 Calories.

Nutty grain and vegetable salad -
Nutty grain and vegetable salad – 151 Calories per half pack
Nutty Grain & Vegetable salad close-up
Nutty Grain & Vegetable salad close-up

3. Chilli & coriander king prawns is another lovely dish we enjoy eating.

Chilli and coriander king prawns
Chilli and coriander king prawns

Each half pack provides 77 Calories.

King prawns -
King prawns – 77 Calories per half pack

4. Roast beef thin slices.

Roast beef - thin slices
Roast beef – thin slices
Beef slices -
Beef slices – 63 Calories per half pack
Roast beef slices - close-up
Roast beef slices – close-up

With all the food plated up, you can see that it is indeed alot of food to have. But the calories added up on this plate is only 410 Calories, which is less than 1/4 of my daily calculated calorific allowance. This just goes to show that eating the right food means that you can still eat a plateful and yet not consume too much calories.

Fully plated up dinner with added tomato and Italian salad
Fully plated up dinner with added tomato and Italian salad

With plenty of healthy food around, it is becoming so much easier to eat healthily, enjoying tasty food and yet still not exceed the daily recommended calories. And we worked out that the cost was £5.00 per plate, as we shared this between the two of us. Great!

As I am exercising regularly and taking a protein supplement as well, it made sense to ensure that I also ensured that I controlled my calorie intake even more, for getting my weight further down into the ideal zone.