Happy Easter

During this easter holiday, I am sure many people celebrate by giving and being given chocolate easter eggs (mainly for the children). But what is the significance of the egg though? The egg is symbolic of new life, which is why we tend to go to church and give thanks for this.My daughters were fortunate to have a nanny who loves them to bits. She has bought them each a personalised Thornton chocolate Easter egg with their names on it. It is interesting to note that Thornton have been making chocolate in England since 1911 – and they certainly know how to make special chocolate treats.

Thornton Cupcake Chocolate Easter egg
Thornton Cupcake Chocolate Easter egg
Jessie's Easter egg
Jessie’s Easter egg
Justine's Easter egg
Justine’s Easter egg

┬áSo while my daughters will be tucking into these personalised eggs this Easter, they will certainly be pondering over the reason why eggs are given over Easter. I can’t quite explain the reason for Easter bunnies, though.