GoPro Seeker Backpack

Now I have bought many different camera bags in my lifetime, as I have never found a camera bag that could meet all my needs – particularly as the needs and the gear are ever changing. With the purchase of the GoPro Hero 5 black with Karma Grip, I needed to find a bag which had a built-in mount for the GoPro, and which would work well with the Karma Grip but still hold the other camera equipment I am likely to bring around. I did consider the Peak Design 20L/30L Backpack, but because of the features and price I finally settled on the GoPro Seeker backpack instead. Bought from for £89.99.

The GoPro Seeker Backpack is rated to have 16L storage space. It has two side pockets to store items such as water bottles, monopod, tripod or even an over the shoulder mount for the GoPro camera.

GoPro Seeker Backpack

The top part of the backpack has a dedicated GoPro storage compartment which can hold up to 5 GoPro cameras, with 4 dividers provided to keep the GoPro cameras apart. There are also two separate zipped pockets in this compartment to store batteries or other small accessories.

GoPro camera storage compartment – for up to 5 GoPro cameras

My first thoughts were that this is not a very large compartment. And since I only have one GoPro camera, I decided to see if it could hold something else as well. As you would have it, it is perfect for holding the Olympus EM-10 Mk II with pancake lens, or the Olympus E-PL5 with its kit lens, along with my lone GoPro.

GoPro Storage compartment – can hold the Olympus EM-10 Mk II with pancake lens + 1 x GoPro Hero 5 Black

The main storage compartment is fairly large and has a few dividers in it – two cylindrical corner dividers (I use one to hold the Karma Grip in place) – the pictures show the other to be suitable for holding the spare rotor blades of the Karma Drone. There is also one elasticated divider that extends across the base of the backpack to hold a Laptop/tablet in place

Main storage compartment

As you can see below, I am able to stow my Sony A7R + 70-200mm F4 lens and the Karma Grip together – with still room to spare – I could store a flash and an extra lens or two, if I used some dividers to protect the equipment.

Main storage compartment – large enough to hold Sony A7R with 70-200/4 lens, GoPro with Karma Grip, and more

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