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GoPro Seeker Backpack – Page 3

Below are the features of the GoPro Seeker Backpack.

Features of GoPro Seeker Backpack
GoPro storage compartment
Main compartment – can store Karma Drone
Hydration on the go
Chest mount for GoPro
Shoulder mount for GoPro – main reason to buy this backpack
Over shoulder mounting for GoPro

What I like about the GoPro Seeker Backpack?

  1. My favourite feature is the integrated shoulder mount for GoPro, which so happens to work perfectly with the Karma Grip.
  2. The backpack fits very well, with the chest strap and waist strap making it that much more stable and easier to carry about for prolonged periods of time.
  3. GoPro storage compartment is large enough to hold a small mirrorless camera such as the Olympus EM-10 Mk II with pancake lens, as well as one GoPro Hero 5 black.
  4. Large main storage space which can hold a good amount of stuff including a mirrorless system with 2 lenses, a flash, and the GoPro Karma Grip. And plenty of accessories in the other pockets.
  5. Water resistant material to keep equipment protected from wet weather.
  6. Side pockets which can hold extra things e.g. water bottles, but also a hydration pack compartment which can either store documents (for security) or a 2L hydration pack.

What could be improved?

  1. I know that this backpack was not meant for carrying other camera equipment, but if there were optional dividers available for the main compartment, that would make it that much more appealing to camera enthusiasts as well.


Having tried this bag out for a while, I am convinced that it was a great buy, as it enables me to bring the various equipment I would like for outdoor activities as well as for when I do go away on holiday. The many features it has (especially the integrated shoulder GoPro mount), and the fact it feels so comfortable and stable to wear with the chest and waist straps, are good reasons to buy this bag.

Its storage space is sufficient for what I would like to bring out with me, and the fact the GoPro storage compartment can even hold a smallish mirrorless camera with pancake lens is definitely a bonus. The ability to bring a hydration pack for those long days out can be a blessing. The only thing which would make this an even better backpack, is for the main compartment to have divider options as well. But all in all, this backpack is definitely something I would recommend.


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