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GoPro Seeker Backpack – Page 2

There are two pockets in the main storage compartment – the upper one is a zipped pocket and the one below has a velcro flap to keep the contents in place. So there are quite a few places to stow away accessories.

Large zipped pocket in the main storage compartment with another pocket below this

Now the main reason I bought this bag was for the built-in GoPro shoulder mount. This would allow me to mount the Karma Grip fairly steadily, so I can capture video while I walk about.

Built-in GoPro mount – perfect for the Karma Grip

An integrated chest mount is also provided, which clips onto 4 points on the backpack (2 up top and two lower down). This is something I am unlikely to use as I prefer the GoPro to be mounted to the side – that way I can continue to use a camera to take photos as well. The way to use the chest mount is to make sure the two extra straps provided are clipped onto the blue loops – one on each side of the backpack, and these straps then clip onto the black clip inlets on the lower part of the chest mount.

GoPro Chest mount included – blue loops on either side of backpack for the bottom straps of the chest mount

Below you can see the hydration bladder storage compartment, which is hidden by the shoulder straps. You also see the blue clip inlets on the shoulder straps – this is where the upper straps of the chest mount clip to.

Hydration pack storage compartment – holds up to 2L hydration bladder bag.The 2 blue clip  inlets on the shoulder strap for the upper straps of the chest mount

On the left side of the backpack are two adjustable elastic straps which can be used to hold the over the shoulder mount for GoPro, or for keeping a monopod or tripod in place in the side storage pouch. Very useful indeed.

Elastic ties to hold over the shoulder mount or monopod/tripod legs

The picture below shows how the Karma Grip mounts onto the shoulder strap mount, but there is also an elastic strap near the bottom which grips that part of the handle – to keep it nice and securely mounted.

Karma Grip mounted onto the GoPro Seeker strap (with elastic band holding the handle in place)

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