GoPro Karma Grip

Now one of the things which drew me to the GoPro Hero 5 Action camera, was the fact it had a gimbal head made just for it which could be used with the Karma grip for capturing smooth videos while on the go, as well as stabilize video capture on the GoPro Karma Drone. As I am not into Drones at this point in time, I decided to get the Karma Grip to use with the GoPro Hero 5 Black for smooth video capture. Cost £289 in Argos.

The GoPro Karma grip comes in a fairly large box to protect the contents. Opening the box reveals the protective casing in which the grip and its accessories are stored.

GoPro Karma Stabilizer Grip

This gimbal stabilizer can be used in 2 different ways – handheld or mounted. Using the Karma mounting ring (included), it is possible to wear the Karma grip on a backpack strap or mounted to something such as a bike or car.

Ways of using the Karma grip for video stabilization

The protective case it comes in is well padded and has an integral hand strap – suitable to protect it when not in use. However its odd shape and lack of shoulder strap, makes it impractical to carry the grip around – but its size means that it should fit easily in a camera bag or backpack.

Case with Karma Grip
Karma Grip with the Hero 5 Black

Now the Karma grip comes in 2 parts – the gimbal head and the actual grip with the controls. They are connected by a USB-C connector once the gimbal head is mounted onto the grip.

Karma gimbal head with frame to hold Hero 5
Gimbal head with USB-C port – mounting ring in place

The locking collar needs to be tightened once the gimbal head is in place to ensure it does not come off during use.

Locking collar to mount and dismount the gimbal head

The Karma grip does have 2 two connectors which couple to and controls the Hero 5 camera. But in order to mount the Hero 5 onto the mounting frame on the gimbal head, the protective connection port flap on the Hero 5 will need to be removed. The Hero 5 then simply slips into the mounting frame, with the two connectors coupling into the ports on the Hero 5. If it does not go in smoothly, then the alignment may not be right – so best to take out the Hero 5 and try again.

USB-C and HDMI connectors on the Karma grip

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