GoPro Hero 5 Black

I have heard about and seen GoPro action cameras being used for many years now, as well as seen the many other cameras that have sprung up thanks to its popularity. But it had never interested me, as I do not take part in any of these sporting pursuits which really make full use of its capabilities of capturing the Point of View (POV) videos of a person or a pet while they are taking part in an activity. But the many features of the GoPro Hero 5 Black was what piqued my interest, which is why I ended up buying it.

I ordered the GoPro Hero 5 Black from Argos for £344.99 and collected it from the closest branch. It comes nicely boxed to protect the camera from damage.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Having never bought such a camera, it struck me how small it was compared to the cameras I normally use. And it provides me with functionality which my other cameras do not provide – waterproof, Point of View shooting, 4K video, voice activated functions.

GoPro Hero 5 Camera

Now GoPro have provided the essential pieces of kit to start using the Hero 5 Black. They provide a USB-C cable to charge it, the rechargeable battery, and two stick-on mounting plates to which you can fit the housing cage which holds the actual camera.

Included accessories

There are only two buttons on the camera – the record button on the top of the camera, and the Mode button which also serves as the power on/off button on the side.

Record button on top of camera
Mode and power on/off button

On the side of the camera nearest the camera lens, lies the connector compartment with its locking flap.

Connector compartment

There is a rubber seal which keeps the connector compartment water-tight when it is submersed. Obviously it is important to ensure that the flap is properly closed and the lock button is closed fully before using the camera underwater. There is a HDMI and a USB-C port.

Connector compartment with rubber waterproof seal

The locking flap of the Connector compartment can be taken off to enable the Hero 5 Black to fit onto the Karma Stabilizer Grip, which I also bought and which I will review at a later date.

Connector compartment flap detachable to enable connection with Karma Grip

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