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GoPro Hero 5 Black – Page 2

The battery and MicroSD compartment is at the bottom of the camera. This also has a locking flap which has a rubber seal to keep water out when it is submersed.

Battery compartment with lock button

The GoPro battery has 1220mAh capacity and is rated for up to 1 hr 45 mins of recording, less if Wi-Fi and 4K recording are on.

GoPro battery 1220mAh

The battery has a little black flap to aid its removal from the battery compartment. The MicroSD card slot is just in front of the battery compartment.

Battery and MicroSD slot
Battery compartment  flap with rubber waterproof seal

I like the touch-screen which is clear and easy to use. To access the various functions, one simply has to swipe across the screen in a certain direction (depending on the function). It did not take me long to learn how to use it.

Touch screen of GoPro Hero 5

Here are some photos I’ve taken with the GoPro Hero 5, which I would not have taken with my other cameras – very close to the water.

My koi carp
Another koi photo
My daughter hand feeding the koi

What I like about the GoPro Hero 5 Black?

  1. Good image quality and function set which makes it extremely useful.
  2. Has built-in image stabilization to improve quality of video capture.
  3. Is waterproof to 10 meters even without an underwater housing, which makes using it in the swimming pool, fish pond or shallow snorkeling possible.
  4. 4K video recording which none of my other cameras can do.
  5. Has voice-activated controls for changing modes, starting and stopping recordings, taking a photo etc.
  6. Works well with the GoPro Karma Grip for more professional stabilized recordings or the Karma Drone for capturing images from the sky.

What could be improved?

  1. I don’t find the front LCD screen particularly useful, as it is not particularly easy to read.
  2. There is no selfie-mirror on the front of the camera to aid checking the composition before taking a selfie photo or video.
  3. There is no stabilization when shooting 4K video, which may affect the overall quality of the captured video when on the move.
  4. Cost – it isn’t cheap.


As this is my first foray into POV cameras, I do not have anything to compare with. But the many useful features in the GoPro Hero 5 Black actually convinced me to spend the money and buy it. It has loads of potential, and would be useful where the conditions are too wet to bring traditional cameras, for capture of activity videos or paired with a drone to capture aerial photographs or videos. And after playing with it for a few days now, I can say that I do not regret buying this camera, and in fact am looking forward to more opportunities to use it.

Having said that, it will not be the sole camera I bring with me but will add to the camera I bring to capture images or videos which would otherwise have been impossible for me to capture. And if we do go on holiday in the future, it would be nice to be able capture even more of the memories to bring back with us. Recommended.


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