Gel Nose pads

There is a saying that you should buy a comfortable bed and pair of shoes, as you will likely to be in one or the other for most of the hours of the day. For those who wear glasses, it is worth getting accessories for the glasses to make them as comfortable as possible, since you likely be wearing them when you are awake. These could bethe nose pads or the temple tips which hold the glasses in place. I had bought gel nose pads for my glasses about two years ago, and had to replace one of them recently.

The pair of nose pads I had on my glasses over the last two years are the Biofeel Gel nose pads. These have a pad of gel to support the glasses, which makes it very comfortable. Sadly for some reason one of the pads developed a leak which meant I needed to replace it. I suppose 2 years is a reasonably long time for it to last, as it has been very comfortable – much better than the original nose pads. Cost £4.99 per pair.

Biofeel gel nose pads - push on
Biofeel gel nose pads – push on
Biofeel gel nose pad on my glasses
Biofeel gel nose pad on my glasses

I also noticed some new nose pads which seem to be fairly good, although without gel in it. These have air channels to provide an antiperspirant function, and are also non-slip. They are soft, so should support the glasses fairly comfortably on the nose. These are cheaper than the Biofeel gel pads at £3.99 per pair.

Airpad silicone nose pads
Airpad silicone nose pads

Just be aware that there are also screw on nose pads which work for glasses which have a screw holding the nose pads on. Hence it is worth ensuring that you get the right ones for your glasses.

Gel nose pads - screw on
Gel nose pads – screw on

These really comfortable nose pads are worth getting to replace the ones on most glasses, particularly the gel nose pads. The Airpad nose pads are probably better for those who do sports while wearing glasses, as these have air channels to allow the skin to breathe better.