I managed to pick a fuchsia today to shoot indoors. This is a flower I have seen for quite a while but never got round to imaging until now. It normally hangs downwards, but I have inverted it for most of the images to see what it looks like under the various lighting.

Fuchsia - visible
Fuchsia – visible
Fuchsia - UV
Fuchsia – UV
Fuchsia - UV (normal orientation)
Fuchsia – UV (normal orientation)
Fuchsia - IDS1
Fuchsia – IDS1
Fuchsia - IDS2e
Fuchsia – IDS2e
Fuchsia - UVIVF
Fuchsia – UVIVF


Equipment used: Olympus EM-5, Coastal Optics 60mm F4, Baader U filter, Baader UV-IR cut filter, IDS1 & 2e filters, Quantum X2D flash, Nightsearcher UV torches