Friday Meal

After my busy week at work where things have been pretty much non-stop, I finally have the time to rest up. That is also the reason I’ve not had a chance to post anything new in the last few days. But TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday), and I can now rest and enjoy the meal my wife prepared for me.

For dinner, she whipped up pan-fried sea bass fillets, frankfurters, asparagus and fruit and leafy salad – with some added chilli peppers for spice. It may be simple, but it is very fulfilling and healthy, and went down a treat.

My TGIFriday meal

And disregarding my desire to lose weight, I also had a lovely slice of blueberry cheesecake.

Lovely slice of blueberry cheesecake

And to wash it all down, my wife also bought a bottle of Prosecco so we could sit back, put our feet up and drink a glass of Prosecco -apparently this was something she had been longing to do for a very long while; and it is particularly good after a busy week of work.


It was a lovely meal. But my weight tomorrow will probably suffer for it.