Frey & Winkler Air Active Comfort Nose Pads

A few weeks ago, I noted that the Gel nose pad I had mounted on my glasses had started leaking and was no longer providing adequate support. This is probably the third time that the gel nose pads have leaked and needed replacing. Hence I had to look for alternative nose pads. I finally settled on the German made Frey & Winkler Air Active comfort nose pads from

Now the Frey & Winkler air active nose pads are signicantly smaller than the gel nose pads. But these small air cushion pads seem to feel very comfortable – in fact they feel much more comfortable than the gel pads. Cost in is £6.99 per pair (I bought the 11mm pair).

Larger gel pad vs the smaller mounted Air Active comfort nose pad

It has an air cushion system which is a hollow chamber with an opening at one end. The opening is supposed to act as a valve to allow the pad to adjust itself automatically. However it works, it definitely feels comfortable.

Tear-dropped shape
Opening at one end of silicone pad air cushion system


At the cost of £6.99, they are not cheap. But I would say that for me it is definitely worth the price. I have to say that these Air Active nose pads feel so comfortable supporting my glasses on the bridge of my nose. It definitely trumps the gel nose pads in terms of comfort, and does not have a parcel of gel which can leak out and need replacing. Hence if I do need to buy nose pads for future eyeglasses, I am more than likely buy these again. Definitely recommended.