Food presentation

Now when we go out for a meal, particularly in Chinese restaurants, they do serve the food in a way to make it more appealing to the sight, smell and taste. Hence for dinner this week, I decided to plate the food up so as to appeal to all three senses, which would invite my family to dig into the food, and hopefully enhance the entire dining experience.

For the fruits and vegetables plate, I had served plum tomatoes, cucumber slices, strawberries and grapes in a four section serving platter. The colours are lovely and inviting. And it is up to each individual to take and eat as they please.

Fruits and vegetables

I had served some cold meat with Mozzarella cheese. The Prosciutto ham was rolled up to make them look neat and tidy.

Meat and Mozarella cheese platter

The main meat dish was my Sous vide duck breasts, sliced and served on an oval plate. I thought this would make it more inviting than serving in one of the Pyrex glass containers, which is how I normally serve this. The soy and honey sauce was served in one of the nice little dipping plates I had bought previously.

Sous vide duck breasts with soy honey dipping sauce

My wife definitely appreciated this, and my daughters both tucked in to the food – so much so that before too long, all the food was gone. It does take a little more effort to serve the food this way, but does not add too much work to the washing up afterwards , and does enhance the dining experience and make the food fly off the plates even faster than normal. Definitely worth doing again.